The Way We Work + -

Since 2012, we’ve abided by them and grown. We’ve gotten some paint on our hands, our shirts, our foreheads. We’ve learned from our shortcomings and triumphs. Today, we listen to you better, care for your vision some more, and have grown curious. We conceptualize, design, mastermind – translate it into a design language that helps you tell your brand story.

Setting BenchMark + -

We understand the nature of the project, establish the need and find out what’s out there already to set the bar higher.

Taping into Culture + -

We reflect a lot on the challenge and tap into our cultural capital to find out a mood that inspires an authentic outcome.

Creating Meaning + -

We defined and select the main concept. We then enrich and refine it with our team to make sure it stand out solve the challenge needs. CLEAR DIRECTION AND GOALS

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If you are looking to escape the bland-heartless-colorless monotony that’s out there. If you want the undiscovered, and the mindful - email us, call us, tweet us, instagram us, fax us, send us a messenger bird.


New to the world of design or already a pro looking to switch gears? Show us your work at hello@epldesigns.in - if we think you’ve got the ethos, the pathos and most importantly the logos then we’ll make it worth your while. The hours will be fun filled, sometimes long but mostly wholesome. We follow a democratic process and nurture your ideas. You’ll be in good hands.


Fellow artisans, painters, designers, photographers, filmmakers - write to us if you are looking for a co-conspirator or an extension to your vision. There are endless vivid possibilities.

What I love the most about Brinda’s work is the fact that she specifically collaborates will small labels/ start ups and engages with them will all her heart. From brainstorming ideas to final result, she treats every step with alot of dedication & love. Even as a freelancer, she will act as a core team member of your company and give her 100% towards the output. I enjoy working with her ingenuity & creative mind - Looking forward to working more projects together 🙂

- Juhi Melwani Founder of DTK - fashion Label

They are the BEST! Understanding aesthetics played a very important role and they executed it so beautifully as per our vision! So glad to have worked with them and will always continue to ❤️❤️

-Manisha Founder Meenida Indo


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    If you are looking to escape the bland-heartless-colorless monotony that’s out there.